Some Updates on Aereo

First, I’m going to need to adjust my posting schedule.  My current responsibilities take up more of my time, so I’m going to cut back to one post a week.  From now on, I’m going to post on Fridays.

Now, on to the news.  The first big development is that the Aereo case will begin oral arguments in the Supreme Court on April 22.  In addition, Justice Alito opted to recuse himself from the case.  How the Supreme Court rules on this case has some interesting implications for the Copyright Act, due to Aereo’s rather interesting use of individual antennas to allow users to stream live television on mobile devices.  This use of individual antennas prevents the transmission from being public and keeping Aereo within the reach of the Cablevision case.  I’ve provided more information about the legal issues surrounding Aereo here.  

Anyway, enjoy the weekend everyone.


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